Business Segments

We don’t believe in large, centralized organizations. It is our core belief that management should be as close to the market and as close to the daily business as possible. As a result, Thule Group has a small headquarters in Malmö, Sweden.

The Thule Group management consists of CEO, CFO, SVP Communication and SVP HR as well as the Presidents of the two regions within Outdoor&Bags.

The Regional Business Segment Presidents have responsibility for all aspects of the business, including sales, profitability, product development, and investment within their respective businesses. However, in order to ensure a common approach and processes on key areas such as HR, Brand Management, Communication, and Finance, these functions also operate at Thule Group corporate level coordinating the efforts across the Business Segments.

The Thule Group has two Business Segments:

  • Business Segment Outdoor&Bags, operating in two regions:
        • Region Americas
        • Region Europe & ROW (Rest Of World)
  • Business Segment Specialty