Career Management

We are an open, communicative, “no nonsense” company where we give our leaders far-reaching financial and operational responsibility, and where we expect a commitment to performance goals and objectives from all Thule Group co-workers.

Our leaders are expected to handle uncertainty, use open and honest communication, show passion for their work, and promote execution through clear target setting.

To support these ambitions the Thule Group works with a number of global processes such as:

  • Performance Management Process – structured feedback on targets, performance, improvement areas, training plans, career opportunities etc.
  • Talent Management Process – a global talent assessment and development program that targets, defines, develops, and trains our most talented employees
  • Management and functional development process – global, internally developed training programs for continuous development and training of our managers and employees

We have a flat organization. Therefore we also like to promote horizontally which means you get bigger responsibilities by broadening the tasks in your current position or assigning you to projects and work tasks that will broaden your knowledge and insights.

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