Health and safety

We share a passion to develop high-quality, smart and innovative products based on an overall sustainability concept. To achieve this and also develop our employees, we aim to offer a safe and stimulating working environment where we all contribute to identifying smarter ways to work

Skilled employees who enjoy their work and can develop to their full potential create the preconditions that enable us as a company to retain our strong market position.

We are convinced that by promoting a healthy lifestyle, we can ensure that our employees perform and feel better. Being active is part of the corporate culture, whether it is cycling with children to preschool, kayaking in a nearby lake, going on city breaks with a camera slung over one shoulder, or hiking in the mountains. It is about the social interaction and wellbeing that come from an active life.

Our preventative work with occupational health and safety are targeted and systematic. We identify risks, take appropriate measures and implement technical improvements and training measures.

Despite improvements in recent years, we are not satisfied with this result. Consequently, in addition to our current systematic efforts, we also started a Safety First initiative at all our production facilities during the year. As part of this initiative, assembly staff are invited to participate in a shared effort to identify risks and find methods and measures to minimize these risks.

You can read more about this in our Annual and Sustainability Review 2015, page 24-25.

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