Thule Group is an industry leader when it comes to product design and innovation. Right from the early design stages, we explore methods to reduce the impact our products will have on the environment over their lifetime. From design and materials to manufacturing, function, repair, and recycling – all these elements come into play.

We assess the entire life cycle impact of our products, which are built for durability and long life. By conducting Life Cycle Assessments (LCAs), our knowledge of the main environmental impact of our products increases, helping us ensure we make environmentally conscious decisions in design and product development. We are committed to manufacturing products with materials and substances that are safe for the environment. Thule Group’s Prohibited & Restricted (P&R) Substances List includes current legislation but also our own Thule Group requirements – because we aim to go above and beyond what is legally required.

Long-term target

  • Increase focus on life cycle analyses, which are integrated into the design, product development and choice of materials for our products and undergo independent testing.

Principal activities conducted during 2015

  • Eco -design training completed for all development departments
  • Life cycle analyses (LCAs) integrated into all product development projects.
  • Thule Group System Partner with bluesign technologies.

LCA cradle to door Thule VeloCompact

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