What we are about


We want our consumers to relate to our brands whenever they look for solutions to bring what they care most for in their active lives. We enable them to live an active life by providing great products that are safe, easy to use, and stylish.

To maintain the high standard of our brands, we put great effort into having all employees devoted to understanding what our brands stand for and what kind of company we are. Translated to our daily work, it means:

  • Understanding consumers and their needs for transporting what they care most for
  • Developing innovative products to enable people to live an active life
  • Streamlining engineering and production processes to deliver those innovative products
  • Manufacturing products to the highest quality standards
  • Being in the right channels with the right products on the shelves in line with the brand values
  • Our brand values set the standards for our behavior and work ethics

We are convinced that companies who support a healthy lifestyle and strive to motivate and empower their staff have better performing employees. Therefore we encourage our employees to live a balanced and an active life. And, of course, use our products in their daily lives as much as possible.

Core behavior

We pride ourselves in developing smart, innovative products – our employees are the key to achieving this. We want our employees to strive towards smarter ways of working and see opportunities in all parts of our business and operations.

Furthermore, we want our employees to respect nature and the environment we live and work in, take care of their health, have all-round interests, have ambitions, explore nature and activities, and have fun.

What we expect from our employees

Keep it simple, keep it lean, keep moving forward, keep looking for improvements and always keep looking for results. So we expect our employees to:

  • Be team players who contribute to a fun, challenging and safe work environment
  • Be committed towards business plans and performance targets
  • Respect our brand values
  • Be generous in sharing know-how and learn from others
  • Be honest and respectful to themselves and others

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