Working at Thule Group

I have had the great pleasure of being the CEO of this fantastic company since 2010, as well as working here since 2006. We were founded back in 1942 and ever since then we have grown and flourished. Today we sell our products in more than 136 countries around the world, thanks to the dedication of the people working here.

In our effort to become an even stronger branded consumer goods company, we are focusing on a deeper understanding of the consumers’ needs and wants, and the challenges and opportunities bringing our products out into the market. To be successful we need to continue to develop the best products and be innovative in how we work. And it is the people working here who make this happen.

I believe our brands are the most valuable assets we have as a company. I am equally convinced that we can only maintain and improve their value in the market if all our employees act as ambassadors of our brands and products, in the best possible way.

Guiding Principles

I would love to have every employee devoted to building our brands and doing everything to understand what our brands stand for, what kind of company we are, and why people buy our products. Something best expressed in our guiding principles:


Magnus Welander

CEO & President Thule Group 

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