Responsible Sourcing and Logistics

Our efforts goes all the way back to our suppliers, and forward to our customers. We carefully select and work together with our suppliers to achieve our goals.

Within logistics we focus on smart and logical solutions. Working together with our suppliers is one of the key ways to reduce our environmental footprint. And it is together that we will continue to drive long-term improvements.

By manufacturing our goods as close to our consumer markets as possible, we are able to reduce the environmental impact from transportation. Sea and road transportation are the most common but we aim to increasingly replace road transportation with rail. Air transport is used to a very limited degree. Nevertheless, we strive to reduce air shipments because they have a high environmental impact compared with other modes of transportation.

Long-term target

Previous objectives for 2016:

  • Increase the focus on collaborating with suppliers on joint environmental projects.
New objectives for 2020:
  • To improve the efficiency of logistics by reducing transportation distances, optimizing packaging and maximizing capacity utilization.
  • To reduce the proportion of transportation by air and to strive to replace road freight with rail shipments wherever possible.

Principal activities conducted during 2015

The new structure for the distribution center in Europe means a greater proportion of direct deliveries to major customers in Europe, which has reduced our environmental impact from shipments.

    • Final assembly of roof boxes for the UK market at the production unit in the UK. Shipping components reduces the environmental impact from transportation.
    • New distribution structures entail some negative environmental impact due to the reduction in the proportion of rail shipments from Sweden.

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